Wednesday, August 22, 2012

CH...CH....CH....CHANGES! (For the Better)

The Kendall-Henderson Family:  

Alyx, Olivia, Kaytee, Noah, Kauriana, 
Ella, Shanon, Alan, MiLeah, Jaymon, 
Atira & Foster

Yup...that's TEN kids.  
You counted correctly.  
And one fabulously adorable husband. 
 December 22, 2011 was a very, VERY good day.  
I have a LOT to be grateful for!

So I think it's about time I jump right back in this blogging world and start listing the 
Packets of Sunlight that are streaming into my life

Are you ready?  I am!

A few Packets from Summer:

alyx and john's wedding.

kaytee's graduation.
so proud of her!

delighted screams of "mommy/shanon!!!" when I came in the door after work
followed by a large cluster of children hugging my waist, feet, legs, arms and neck...wherever they could squeeze in.

running through the splash pad with my mom.  
two grown ladies running through sprinklers fully dressed.

the beach in san diego.
(more pictures of the mud run at camp pendelton to come soon...
that bad boy deserves a post all it's own!)

the climbing structure at the new "neptune park".
it's really, really big.

having the TX kids here for 6 weeks of summer.  
we had a full house and all kinds of fun.

you know, this summer really does deserve a post all it's own too.
but not tonight.  i need my beauty sleep.

more to come.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet My Girls!

See these sweet faces?!? I am so lucky. I have been asked to serve these lovely girls as their Young Women's President. WOOO HOOO!!!! I am so EXCITED! It's been a wonderfully, suprising, busy, exciting, amazingly terrific few weeks. I can't wait.

(I Love-Love-Love the Young Women of our ward! xoxo)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SERIOUSLY? Six months?

I SWEAR that it was just December. Wow! That went by quickly.
(sheepish grin)

There is a really good...well, somewhat good...okay, marginally good reason for my long absence: My friend BLOGGER and I have been fighting.!! He had all these little annoying quirks that were driving me crazy! Like not showing exactly what I typed and how I typed it. And making me drag photos around very slowly to put them where I want only to move them when I asked him to post. Is it too much to ask for spaces where I want them and pictures where I want them? I thought not. I decided the best thing for our friendship was for me to ignore him for a while. We were, you could say, "on a break!"

And now I am back. Will he have changed? Chances are, NO! But perhaps my patience has increased to the point where I can deal with his annoying quirks and just appreciate the little things he does do letting me talk with all of you lovelies!
Even though Blogger and I were on the outs...NEVER FEAR! I have been watching for those little packets of sunlight and noting them in my adorable-little-lime-green-polka-dotted-notebook on my bedside table.
So here are a few from the past six months (hey, just thinking about them again makes me smile! Thank you Blogger...I guess I forgive you.) :

* Electric Blankets

* 4-wheel drive in a blizzard (glad I had Dad's truck!)


*Comfy sweat pants

*Cell phone charms (for assisting me in catching the cell phone before it fell into the toilet because I forgot it was tucked in said comfy sweat pants)

*Doing baptisms at the temple with Alyx (one baptism was for a girl named Lovejoy...what a happy name!):

*Jane Fonda Workouts - loving the 90's spandex ("Keep stepping! We're still aerobic...we're halfway there though!" I think I have that one memorized.):

*Suprise! Gluten Free Cupcakes waiting on the counter when I get home....mmm!:

*Pink Polka Dotted Envelopes

*"A Party on the Ceiling" (the ceiling of Red Robin was covered in helium!):

*Creme Brulee

*Sunshine and puffy clouds in a blue sky:

(Eagle Mountain, City Center...pretty)

*Alice's entire wardrobe in the new Alice in Wonderland movie! Glorious costumes!!!:

*Indian food, a book store and good company

*Kaytee's LOUD(!!), infectious laughter:

*Balloons and streamers and little notes stuck everywhere to suprise me on my birthday eve when I arrived home late at night. "Goodnight! We will see you tomorrow morning. Hope you had fun tonight!", "Mom's Birthday Cake - don't eat", "We love you!!", "Coke for Mom" (on the cold Coke in the fridge). There was even a note on the bananas "hmm...we may need new (& more) bananas. Maybe?". Awesome.

*A GIANT new book


*Perfect Pyramids of Oranges at the Grocery Store (hee hee!):

*Children happily squealing "MOMMY!!!" and jumping up and down when I pull into the circle

*A visit from one of my all time favorite people on the you Jamela!:

*Post-It-Note-Thank-You-Note-Message from Jamela on the pantry door (we left it there for weeks after she left)

*A good game of Twister

*Clothing swaps

*Dressing up like a clown!! Silly, happy, FUN! (I need to learn how to juggle...)

*All of us SINGING OUT LOUD in the car, kitchen, yard, shower...let's face it, if we aren't singing along to actual music we make up little tunes to sing much everything! Our life is very near to a musical on most days.:

"I cannot find my shoooooeeess!!!" "I loooovvveee itt soooo muuuuch!" "I have to peeeeee!" Basically, any random information set to a made up tune and belted out at the top of our lungs. Tony quality performance.

*Standing around the island to eat dinner. We don't even notice it's weird until a friend is over and then we realize normal people might want to sit down to eat their food.

*Family prayer

*A really good batch of homemade Pad Thai

So there you have it...a few highlights from my long absence. More to come........eventually. (wink-wink)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Packet for Dec. 14th: Good Omen

This day in October started rough.

The night before, Alyx's car died. She was headed to a date and so she left it in the parking lot of the gas station, intending to retrieve it later.

The next morning, Alyx was SICK. Stay in bed, can't get up sick. She was finally feeling better in the mid-afternoon so we hurried to pick up her car.

Guess what? It WASN'T THERE anymore. The gas station had it towed.

We contacted the tow company about getting it out of impound. It was going to cost $150. Alyx was UPSET. Now she has to pay $150 for a DEAD car.

We decided we needed CHOCOLATE while we waited for the Tow Guy to meet us at the gas station. On the first handful, Alyx got ALL YELLOWS!

Now, we took that as a sign. YELLOW is happy and cheery and a completely NON-WORRIED color! We thought, this is a GOOD OMEN. Things are going to look up. Things are going to get brighter. It will be OK. We snapped this quick picture so we would remember.

So, the rest of the story is long and funny! Here are the high points:

Tow guy thought I was the daughter of the mother daughter team. Awesome compliment.

Car started on the first turn of the key...we were worried we were going to have to PUSH it out of impound. Nope, it STARTED.

Tow guy tells us of a place where we could park it overnight WITHOUT it being towed again so we can get help with the stalling problem.

Tow guy says, "I'm not going to charge you." HAPPY DAY!!

As I'm following Alyx to the parking lot, Tow Guy calls and asks me out to dinner! HA!

When I tell Alyx, she yells excitedly, "I KNEW IT!! I knew the only way we got out of that money is because I have a CUTE MOM!" Another awesome compliment.

Those M&M's ended up representing a different type of good omen for me. All of this happened on my would-have-been-anniversary with Jim. I was in a melencholy mood. I was discouraged. Then, randomly over the course of the discussions on picking up the car this guy finds out I'm a single mom of FIVE kids, I had my 1st when I was too young, I don't have any money, and a whole slew of other random info. And he still asked me out! I of course said I was unable to join him for dinner as my divorce in not final. But it was nice to be asked. It was a little reminder from heaven that everything will be ok. I don't have to be alone forever. There WILL be opportunities to meet people. And someday, if I want to, I can find a happy marriage again.

The rough day ended on a HIGH NOTE. And the best thing...those M&M's were Peanut Butter! YUM! :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Packet for Dec. 9th: Cupcakes Make Things Better

So, my goal of posting daily in December might have been a bit lofty. Oh, well! At least I'm getting some things recorded ...even if not every day.

A while back I made these cake plates! I loved how they turned out.

Then last Saturday we hosted a Bridal Shower for Alyx's friend, Mari. Her soon-to-be-sister-in-law made and brought the most darling cupcakes EVER! We displayed them at the shower on the cake plates.

Cake Plate = Cute

Cupcake on a cute cake plate = DARLING!

Too bad they weren't gluten free. (But the frosting was AWESOME.)

Instructions for making the Cake Plates:

1. Visit your local Thrift Shop. In my case...the D.I.

2. Search the plate aisle for the cutest plates you can find.

3. Turn around and scan the other side of the aisle for various bases. For example: candlesticks, tiny glass bowls, vases, and those glass light covers that come on ceiling fans.

4. Take up the whole aisle as you test to see which plates look best on top of which bases. (A DI worker was gracious enough to start handing me bases to try....guess I was the 3rd person that week doing that exact same weird ritual!)

5. On the way home, stop and purchase two part epoxy glue. It comes in a two part container with a plunger.

6. At home, clean the plates and bases and dry them well. Place the plates bottom up on your work surface.

7. Mix and apply the epoxy to the top of the base piece.

8. Epoxy the base to the bottom of the plate. (I eyeballed it for center. Someone more ambitious might want to measure the exact center of the plate for a nicely balanced cake plate. I just stood over the plate and guessed. I only got one that is slightly wobbly...not too bad for winging it!)

9. Leave the plates to dry overnight.

10. Add cupcakes for a delicious (and cute!) finish.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Packet for Dec. 4th: Waiting for Kate

We are lucky. We have GREAT neighbors....the Seegmiller Family. Dayton has done many "manly" chores for me (like capturing the tarantula on our porch & building an extension to our flower bed). Sophie is one of my favorite people! She is a KSL, garage sale and thrift store queen and her house is decorated "Oh So CUTE!" She is Olivia's soccer coach and she babysits Ella for me every Thursday when I go into the office. Colton is kind, creative and responsible and was one of my fun cub scouts. He builds great forts. Paige is Olivia's buddy. She is silly and caring and a really good friend. She loves to sing and dance. She has a great soccer kick! Kate is Ella's best friend. She asks to play with Kate every day. Kate is a sweetheart. She is quiet and smiles a lot. She is grateful and is very kind to Ella. I think that Thursday might be Ella's favorite day because she knows she gets to spend most of the day with Kate. Kate (well, Sophie...but in Ella's mind it is Kate) gives Ella all her ultra cute hand-me downs. Ella LOVES Kate. Like I said...We are LUCKY.

One afternoon in September, I was working up in the loft when Ella got really quiet downstairs. I called to her to see what she was doing. She answered, "I'm waiting for Kate!" She was sitting in the chair by the front window watching for Sophie's car to come home so she could see if Kate could play. I kept working, she kept waiting. After a while I went down to check on her. She had fallen asleep in the sunshine...waiting for Kate. The beautiful sight really made my day. After all, a best friend IS definately worth the wait!

(Ella & Kate sharing a jacket on the sidelines of a soccer game. 9/15/09)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Packet for Dec. 3rd: Quick Change on a Budget

So a while back I decided to take all my Americana decor off the walls and sell it. Just done with it, you know? Well, that was WAY back in the summer and our house still sat half decorated and skimpy looking. Actually it seemed rather tattered. And to quote Alyx, "ugly". We'd been talking about painting and changing things up, but every time I started to think of all the things I'd have to buy I would talk myself back out of the idea. This past Thanksgiving weekend Alyx had had ENOUGH. SHE bought the paint I picked out (plus some curtains, cute rugs and dishtowels - sweet!). SHE & KAYTEE primed the walls while I was at Olivia's indoor soccer game. SHE painted the walls the next day when I was at Noah's indoor soccer game. And later that night and early, early into the morning SHE & I put the house back together. Alyx altered the cheap curtains she bought and made them what we really wanted. We brought up random things from the basement that I had collected. We opened a box or two of wonderful family heirlooms that I had stored. And with nothing but paint and "shopping in our own house" we have a new and BEAUTIFUL family room and kitchen! And the best part? Everywhere I look I see bits of family memories. The cookie jar my Grandma Kay painted as a youngster. The scales from my great-grandparents stores. The wheat sifters, sheep bell, lantern, & water pump from Grandma & Grandpa Calderwood's farm. The Calderwood Family Quilt that was on Great-Grandma Calderwood's bed (the one we all decorated with drawn pics of ourselves). The quilt squares from my other Great-Grandma's bed. Hand painted china from my Great-Grandma Winefred. My Grandma Kay's cedar chest. The list goes on. It is AWESOME. I love it soooo much. Thanks, Alyx for being tough and pushing forward. I love you!
Wanna see?

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